Instant Screenshot available on Github

I’ve finally managed to upload the once popular editor extension (100,000+ downloads woah!!!) on github. There are similar tools out there to take screenshots and there is always Unity recorder for more advanced stuff – but I’ve always found that sometimes you just need to take a quick high-res screenshot from within your game.

I was surprised to hear that so many still use this even though it was deprecated and removed from the Unity Asset Store. So here it is. I’ll be submitting to the asset store soon as well.

Download: Instant Screenshot Unity Tool on GitHub

  • One-Click Screenshot Capture: Instantly snap high-quality screenshots directly from the scene view with just one click.
  • High-Definition Quality: Ensure your game’s visuals are captured in sharp, detailed screenshots, ideal for showcasing your work.
  • Transparent Backgrounds: Create screenshots with transparent backgrounds easily, perfect for marketing materials or graphic composites.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: Set up your own shortcuts to speed up the capturing process, making the tool a seamless part of your workflow.

Happy developing!

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